Value Engineering

It may be time to take the “temperature” of your business and
some carefully planned actions to enhance its value.

Value Engineering focuses on the true value drivers in your business. We address all assignments with one thing in mind: A Value-Enhancing Idea is of no value if it cannot or is not implemented correctly. With the right advice and a commitment to effect change…

You truly can Create Wealth Through the Power of YOUR Business!

If we have not prepared a business valuation, it typically saves time and money to do the associated analysis first. This analysis will identify the underlying value drivers and will permit management to quickly focus on the required changes and actions items. Once this is accomplished, the strategies and tactics necessary to effect change can be developed and implemented.

Value-engineering projects are normally structured as consulting assignments with a retainer and monthly service fees. The total cost to the business owner is always defined, within the scope-of-work required, before the project begins. With effective implementation, huge increases in value can be achieved.

Would you like this to happen to you?

In one of our engagements we were able to outline several steps for management to take to improve financial performance. They followed the advise and increased gross margins by over 3% and concurrently reduced overhead costs by 2%. In addition, by focusing the owners on some key statistics, they were able to increase inventory turns by 50%. These changes increased net income from just over 3% to 8% of sales and reduced the total required inventory by over 35%. With more cash and renewed energy, the owners have increases sales and more than doubled the value of their business. (This transition took almost two years to complete, but it has positioned the business for an attractive sale…when the timing is right!)

Don’t delay! Please contact us today to determine what can and should be done to increase the value of your business before you ever consider selling it. Our telephone number is: 814-938-8170 (There is never a charge for an initial consultation.)