Ownership Transfer

The Help You Need to Successfully Buy or Sell a Business

Dennis Waitley has often said:  “The reason so many individuals fail to achieve their goals in life is that they never really set them in the first place.” 

Selling YOUR business or buying another business is no different than any other new, complex task. To be successful, you must set your goals and continuously work toward them in an effective manner. We can provide the professional expertise to help prepare your business for sale and market it to get the very best results. Or we can help your company grow through acquisition to achieve your objectives.

Management Services & Development, Ltd. is a leader in serving the needs of closely-held, mid-sized businesses. We help our clients create the greatest possible set of ownership transfer options, and assist them with all of the services required for the timely, successful completion of the merger and acquisition process. Because each client is unique, we provide the personal attention and customer-oriented approach that can only be delivered by a local firm. This individualized approach is coupled with our ability to deliver advantages to each client with our knowledge of and access to global markets through our association with the M & A Source.

We can act as a company’s independent advisor for owners who want to buy or sell closely-held businesses valued at $5 to $50 million. Our professional services include:

Market Research and Analysis
Valuation and Value Planning
Confidential Information Document Preparation
Identification of Synergistic Candidates
Confidential Marketing of the Business
Primary Negotiations
Deal Structuring
Letter of Intent Development
Due Diligence Support
Definitive Agreement Negotiations
Closing Support

Our experienced staff provides guidance in business growth, helps identify “value drivers” that affect business value, and regularly consults on “value planning”. Our ultimate objective is to assist owners in completing transactions, quickly and quietly, in the time period that meets their personal and financial goals. It is always advantageous for us to begin consulting with a business owner well in advance of any decision to seek an acquisition or any other ownership transfer.

Confidential consulting services are provided for strategic planning, turnarounds, new ventures, evaluation, restructuring, and negotiations. We also offer “al la carte” ownership transition advisory services to business owners who have identified divestiture or acquisition prospects. Our rational, studied approach is the key to avoiding problems and to creating value for our clients.

In all cases, you, the BUSINESS OWNER, remain in charge of the transaction. We act as your quarterback. We call the plays in a preplanned manner and get the service you must have from your entire merger & acquisition team. This is accomplished through effective planning, regular meetings, and efficient communications.

When we are engaged to do a job for you, you will not have to be or should you be involved in the many detailed steps (there are over 200 individual steps in a transaction that must be accomplished in the right order at the right time) necessary to secure the results you want. Your focus should be on what you do best…managing the business. Nothing can hurt the transition process quicker than a decline in business performance.

To access these professional services, please contact our office @ 814-938-8170.