BizOwner Seminars

Our professional staff is available to provide educational seminars across a range of related subjects. Although any presentation can be customized to meet the specific needs and schedule of a particular corporate group, most seminars are structured as full-day sessions (8 hours). The following seminars are prepared and presented specifically for owners and professional advisors of mid-sized businesses.

Please contact us at: 814-938-8170 to schedule a seminar for your organization.

Transition Planning:
Whether you want the business to remain in the family or you want to sell it when you retire, it is essential that you address both business and personal considerations. This seminar takes you through the planning steps and helps you create a path that fits your situation. Outlines and checklists for specific tasks are provided to simplify and accelerate the process. Any business owner who is now considering or who may have to consider a transfer of ownership in the next five years should attend this seminar. (8 Hours)

How to Determine the Value of Your Business:
This seminar will not teach you how to be a professional business appraiser, but it does provide the information necessary to understand what is involved in an appraisal and what drives the value in a business. You will learn the methods used by professional business valuators to determine the fair market value of a business and how to apply these methods to your business. Any business owner or professional who is really interested in understanding the value drivers in their business today should attend this seminar.(8 Hours)

How to Maximize the Value of Your Business:
Every business owner is constantly working on running their business. Few owners, however, really focus on what can and should be done to maximize the value of their business. This seminar addresses this critical topic and provides the information necessary to understand how to make dramatic improvements in performance and value. Business owners should be able to immediately use the concepts learned in this seminar to improve the balance sheet and income statement for their operating companies. (8 Hours)

Success without Stress:
This seminar provides an individualized approach designed to maximize professional and personal goals. It is an eye opener and a stress eliminator. The materials are designed for exceutives, managers, professionals…anyone interested in optimizing the results from their efforts. Improve productivity, employee relations, and manage stress with the simple, practical techniques you will learn in this course. (8 Hours)